Dory Josey Judy

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(803) 968-4664 | 866-262-2245

My National Insurance Producer Number is 19285118

The best way I can help you is to have a full picture of your current financial situation. Before our meeting together, please click the link below to complete a Financial Needs Analysis. Save to your computer and then use the “Upload” button at the bottom of this page to securely submit this Needs Analysis directly to me.

About Me

I have a background in customer service, having spent many years in various state agencies as well as a stint in the propane business. I love helping people improve their daily lives so insurance was a natural fit. I began my insurance career with Aflac but found that delving more into Medicare/Healthcare, Life insurance, and annuities was much better suited to me. I love getting to meet people in all walks of life and help them with any questions and concerns they may have and Cornerstone helps me do just that! We offer so many products and options for people of all ages, socio-economic backgrounds, and occupations. My greatest pleasure comes from helping someone find appropriate coverage when they feel all hope is lost.