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Cornerstone takes pride in providing a wide array of products and services for all types of financial and retirement planning.

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What makes Cornerstone unique?

We come to you!

Our services are customized for each individual, and this even includes WHERE we meet. Our representatives are stationed all over the Lowcountry, ensuring that a representative is always available to meet with you at whatever time or place works for you. Whether we come to your home or you meet with us in one of our many office meeting rooms, we will make sure you feel comfortable and that the meeting is convenient for you!

Affiliated with more than 150 different companies

We work for YOU

If a representative is tied to ONE financial company, that means they are limited with what they can offer their clients. Cornerstone is affiliated with more than 150 different companies! This means that we work for YOU, doing the research and legwork to find a plan that works best for your needs and situation! Our loyalty is to our clients!

Health Insurance / Medicare

Cornerstone has a variety of options to help you with all your Medicare and Health Insurance needs.

Medicare Supplements
A Medicare supplement fills in the gaps of your original Medicare coverage. All plans are standardized, meaning they have the exact same benefits regardless of carrier. The only difference is the price and company ratings. This is why it is important to let us help you shop around for the plan that best fits your specific situation.

Medicare Advantage
A Medicare Advantage Plan is a lower cost alternative to the Medicare Supplement. These plans work in conjunction with original Medicare to create a copayment/cost sharing system. Due to the Medicare Modernization Act, these plans are frequently available at no monthly cost.

Prescription Drug Plans/Medicare Part D
Under the Medicare Modernization Act, it is highly encouraged to have additional coverage for your prescription drugs. Our specialists have the ability to search for the carriers with the best coverage for your specific medical needs.

Life Insurance Can help offset costs related to your final expenses. If you’ve ever had to make arrangements for a deceased loved one, you know how stressful a time it can be. A whirlwind of activities is set in motion including funeral arrangements and probate and administrative issues, all of which can be very costly.

The question you may want to ask yourself is: Who will be expected to pay these costs when I pass away? The fact is, expenses don’t have to create an unexpected burden for your family or loved ones.

By purchasing Life Insurance you gain peace of mind knowing you have taken care of these expenses.

Life Insurance

Cornerstone has 150+ carriers offering hundreds of different options for your family’s life insurance needs.

Smart Investing

Let your money work for you!

At Cornerstone our investments are, SMART:

Securely guaranteed
Market-driven returns
Accumulation opportunity
Retirement income
Tailored for you

Cornerstone has a unique product offering through affiliation with more than 150+ companies. Because of our long-standing relationship with these carriers we have access to products and services not available to the general public.

We specialize in bringing you products that give generous gains with ZERO market risk.  As with ALL of Cornerstone’s services, we do not charge a brokerage or management fee for these programs.