Samelia Adams

[email protected]
904-885-1253 | 866-262-2245

My National Insurance Producer Number is 19054505

The best way I can help you is to have a full picture of your current financial situation. Before our meeting together, please click the link below to complete a Financial Needs Analysis. Save to your computer and then use the “Upload” button at the bottom of this page to securely submit this Needs Analysis directly to me.

The button below will allow you to shop for Medicare Advantage Plans. Click to get started. Of course you can always reach out to me with any questions or concerns!

About Me

After being in government contract work for over 30 years I was looking for something that would allow me to have flexible hours and still provide for my family. Finding Cornerstone was the perfect fit!
I have two grown children and beautiful grandchildren.
Outside of work the theater is my passion. I am the director for Lady in White productions. I also enjoy volunteering in schools through storytelling based on history which affords an opportunity to help develop learning.