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Cornerstone Gives Back

Cornerstone prides itself on giving back to the community in a number of ways. Aside from small sponsorships, such as helping local schools and community programs, we work hand-in-hand with many local organizations to make sure that whatever we CAN give back, we do.

Our CEO and Founder Michael Haskett shares why he feels that giving back is so important, “I feel that it’s extremely important to use success for the greater good,” he says. “Cornerstone has been a tremendous success and so I make it my personal goal to give back to this community in any way that I can. I encourage all the members of my organization to do the same.”

From 2013 to 2017, Cornerstone was the Premier sponsor for a local children’s cancer research funding, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for MUSC. Cornerstone has also donated office space to the organization and set up fundraising booths outside local Walmart stores.

As a group, Cornerstone has raised funds for foundations working to cure for Alzheimers, diabetes, breast cancer and heart disease. They have sent donations for disaster relief, music programs, sports programs, international relief missions, food drives and more!

“It really warms my heart when I see many members of my team stepping up in like manner to give back to the community,” Haskett says. This is really who we are at the core- a group of people that truly love our neighbor and want to making giving back a priority.

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Bluejean Ball Pinewood Prep

Cornerstone Sponsors Pinewood Prep

Cornerstone places a high value on education! That’s why they’re the presenting sponsor of this year’s Pinewood Preparatory School’s Jeans and Jambalaya! Come out and join everyone on March 3rd at the Dorchester Boat Club for dinner drinks and dancing- all for a good cause!

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Knightsville Elementary Classroom

School Supplies Donated to Knighsville Elementary

Education is extremely important to Cornerstone and that’s why the CEO decided to give back hundreds of dollars of school supplies to a local elementary school.

On a cold winter morning Ms. Fuller’s kindergarten class was surprised to see the Cornerstone’s founder and CEO Michael Haskett arrive in their classroom. He had great news for them! Their classroom had been nominated for, and had won, a local contest hosted by Mr. Haskett! The prize? $500 worth of school supplies, much needed in their classroom!

Ms. Fuller explained to the class some of the items they would be receiving: story writing journals, flip cameras for projects, reading books and lots more!

Cornerstone is proud to contribute to making “today’s readers, tomorrow’s leaders”

Watch the video below to see the surprise unfold!

Community is extremely important to the Cornerstone team which is why we take every opportunity to GIVE BACK! If you know of a charity, foundation, school or other organization who could use our help, submit the form to the right and our Charitable Giving team will review and do our best to help in any way we can.

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